Our mission is to hasten the advent of high quality kombucha. Whereby Australia’s drinking culture has a healthy and socially aware alternative of likeness to cider, beer and champagne.

Kommunity Brewing Co. was established by three founders and best friends Jarred, Beau and Mason.
Three fellows with the combined intent of supplying locals the highest quality kombucha Australia has seen.

Our priority is the production beverages with the well being of customers and our Earth at heart. To do this our practice is centralised around ethics, being cruelty free, using organic ingredients and living spring-water.

We personally develop each small batch  to maintain a standard of excellence that refers to three priorities:
Pure ingredients, sophisticated practice and handmade quality.


Using natural ingredients that are certified organic-  tea, purified water and raw sugar, our brew is fermented
 just like traditional champagne and cider.  Our brew is vegan, paleo, gluten-free, organic, unpasteurised and
containing less than 4% sugar (fermented).

We believe in a refined palate NOT refined products! 
This means we are careful to ensure our intention and method is state-of-the-art, creating a kombucha that is balanced.
A profile that is between acidity and sweetness, sour and tart. Kombucha is complex and ours is a journey of enjoyment.

The KB brewery is in the process of becoming off-the-grid and is now using its net profit to plant trees!
We are also rolling out REFILL STATIONS which can be found here.
All of our products are fully recyclable glass bottles with PET plastic lids, this means we can control our end-product waste.

We have ensured the product you hold in your hand is cruelty-free, sustainable, organic, health-supporting,
aesthetically pleasing and absolutely delicious. Created for locals with the Earth's wellness in mind.

Welcome to the Kommunity that cares. We are here to put YOUR values in a bottle.