Originating in the Himalayas, brewing kombucha is a unique thousand year old tea fermentation process similar to that of beer, wine, cider and kefir. 

Developing a contemporary method of kombucha is not easy.  Beau Neunuebel a seasoned craft-beer brewer and whiskey distiller transformed Kommunity Brewing Co. from a small cottage operation into a state-of-the-art microbrewery.

We focus on using the natural force of gravity to move our Kombucha where ever possible to minimise disruption to the Scoby culture.

We are dedicated to innovating this process by working along side local engineering graduates, robotic engineers and food scientists to redesign and update current methods to ensure sustainability.

Kommunity Brewing Co. has become a modern facility that will act as an example for future kombucha breweries. 

As part of our quality assurance procedure we liaise with local microbiologists and chemists to ensure our bubbling bodacious brew is best formulated to brew some good.

Our process is simple and follows 5 steps;

1. Formulated under naturopathic and nutritional guidance our recipes include organic and exotic teas that promote health. 

2. Decoct herbs, spices, roots, flowers, tea and fresh ingredients in 100% Australian spring water. Using precise temperatures we decoct ingredients to the perfect concentration and then gravity-siphon these intensely-good solutions into our batches.

3. Cool-off, we allow the whole system to cool down after decoction, so that when we add our KOMBUCHA culture to the vat, our decoction won't cause the culture harm. 

4. After several weeks of fermentation in a stable environment where the air is purified daily and the temperature is a constant, we gravity-siphon our delicious now bubbly booch into CO2 controlled kegs, an oxygen-free process. Less oxygen (O2) means the cleanest, freshest kombucha possible. 

5. We assemble our super team of packers and tasters to try out each small batch to ensure this is a brew ready for YOU! Everything is packed up and set to go into a local, privately owned small business that you support. No big chains here, we're about supporting micro-economy.

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